Sales Management App

For just about any kind of business, building and managing a sales pipeline is critical. Knowing precisely the status of sales opportunities can enable planning ahead of time to optimise business outcomes.

Winning new business starts with accurate job estimates and professionally prepared quotes. At TekTools, we know that this can be both difficult and time-consuming to get right.

TekTool's Sales Management App provides the tools to effectively manage the full sales cycle, including the ability to seamlessly push the jobs you win into Job Management.

Full Sales Management App training and support is available locally in WA, including direct phone support, ensuring smooth installation and reliable on-going usage.

Manage Customer Details

Assign sales responsibility, access and update Customer details, including mutiple contact details, pricing details & sales history.

Manage Sales Opportunities

Prepare and track sales opportunities including advertising source, customer requirements, sales value, & closing probabilty.

Track the Sales Process

Record and track each individual salesperson's activities including phone calls & emails.

Build Accurate Quotes

Build detailed project estimates using highly customisable Quote building tools for inclusion in flexible quote templates that can be quickly converted to professionally presented PDF's.

Integrate with External Design Applications

TekTools proprietary desktop connection platform enables integration with any external desktop (Windows) design applications including on-screen take-off to enable the import of project estimates and other details such as plan images.

Track Sales Pipeline

Built-in reporting to keep track of the current sales pipe-line by individual sales opportunity.

Track Sales History

Built-in reporting to track monthly sales results for project type, Customer or salesperson.

Integrate with Job Management

Seamless integration with TekTools Job Management to enable business that is won to be converted to a Job, complete with all relevant job/project details, materials purchase orders and even labour scheduling details.

Want to get the most out of your Sales Opportunities. Contact us today to find out more about our Sales Management App can help!