Job Management App

TekTools cloud-based Job Management App has all aspects of the job management cycle covered, including seamless integration with both cloud and desktop versions of MYOB AccountRight and Xero.

The TekTools Job Management App is flexible enough to to be effectively used by businesses of all types and sizes. In normal circumstances, installation can be completed within 30 minutes, including MYOB or Xero integration, meaning you and your team can be productively using the App almost immediately.

There are no special equipment or setup requirements, just reasonably up-to-date computer devices (desktop, tablet & smartphone), a current web-browser and at least a 3G Internet connection.

Full Job Management App training and support is available locally in WA, including direct phone support, ensuring smooth installation and reliable on-going usage.

Job Dashboard

Store and access all Job information in a single location, including notes, photos, spreadsheets, word documents and PDF's. Selectively share with Employees, Sub-Contractors & others.


Prepare and email Quotes using a range of easy to use formats.

Labour Scheduling

Schedule Employees to Jobs, track progress and convert to timesheet records.

Materials Purchasing

Create and email Materials Purchase Orders from in-built customised Supplier Materials Lists.

Custom Forms/Checklists

Track Job activities using customised forms, checklists and PDF reports (click here for more info).

Contractor Payments

Schedule, track and accurately pay Sub-Contractors.

Customer Invoicing

Create and email Customer Invoices using a range of easy to use formats.

MYOB and Xero Integration

Seamless Job info, Card Info & transactional integration with online and cloud versions of MYOB AccountRight and Xero.


Report on Job Status, Profitability or any other required items or activities.

Some key benefits in using the TekTools Job Management App include:

Competitive Advantage

Having an advantage over your competitors is always a good thing in any business, especially when times are a bit tough. Using TekTools Job Managment can give you the advantage you need with faster, more accurate quoting, reduced labour and materials costs, more reliable service to your Customers and a better quality end-product.

Better Job Organisation

All information related to Jobs is stored in a single, secure application available anywhere from any device at any time. Photos, PDF's, spreadsheets, checklists, timesheet hours, labour scheduling, materials orders...practically everything you need to know about your Jobs is at your fingertips exactly when you need it.

Improved Communication

TekTools enables you to easily and securely share relevant Job information with your Employees and other authorised Users. Annotated photos, plan PDF's and notes can be added to jobs in real time to ensure everyone stays in the loop and nothing falls through the cracks. Customised checklists can be added to Jobs and updated on site to ensure that the Job always gets done right the first time.

TekTools takes the worry out of Scheduling Employees and Contractors to Jobs as all scheduled labour bookings, as well as any changes to scheduling, can be confirmed by in-App text messaging or email.

Job tagging means that everyone who has input into your Jobs is on the same page. Things get done when you need them to be done and nothing gets missed, especially on your Customer Invoices where it really counts.

Reduced Paper Shuffling

TekTools enables a large proportion of Job related paperwork to be automatically generated and processed within the App in the normal course of business - timesheet information, materials Purchase Orders, Customer Invoices - and then passed seamlessly to MYOB or Xero.

Everything you and your people need to know about your Jobs is always available in a single, conveniently accessed location. Less time chasing up missing paperwork and other Job information results in more time to focus on the things that can actually make a difference to your business.

Save Time & Money

Processing business transactions in real-time means that you can track business performance pretty much as it happens, rather than weeks or months later, enabling you to make better decisions in relation to things like labour scheduling and materials ordering.

Actually knowing in real time who is working in what, who is available for the next job and what materials have been ordered at any time can make a huge difference to Job and overall business profitability.

TekTools can completely eliminate the need for expensive printing of such things as quadruplicate Job sheet pads, forms, timesheets and Customer invoices. This in itself can amount to thousands of dollars in direct business savings (we know this because we've seen it happen). TekTools can also significantly reduce the time spent managing jobs, giving you more time for more important things like actually getting on with the Job, or more time to relax.

Peace of Mind

The benefits offered by TekTools can add up to massive peace of mind. Actually knowing how your business is going financially in real time can enable you to make the decisions that take all the guesswork out of running your existing business and growing it in the future. Less worry for you, your business associates and even your loved ones!

Contact us to today to learn more about the TekTools Job Management App and to see how it can seriously improve the way your business operates.

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