About TekTools

Our Mission

The TekTools mission statement is very simple - to deliver an affordable range of quick to install, easy to use cloud-based business functionality to businesses of all types and sizes.

From our initial Job Management App launched more than ten years ago, we now offer a Sales Management App, a Management Maintenance Plug-In and exciting web-based Forms/Checklist functionality.

At TekTools we have a dream that even the smallest business should have access to digital business tools that big business have taken for granted for many years, but in an affordable and easy to use way.

Given that the TekTools Job Management App was originally commissioned by and designed for a construction contracting business, we feel we have a very good understanding of what our Customers require from our software - it must be quick and easy to install, simple to learn and use and flexible enough to deal with a variety of business situations. Above all, it must deliver results that lead to improved business performance and profitability.

WA Owned, Developed and Supported

Importantly for WA business owners, all TekTools Apps are designed, developed and supported locally. We believe that TekTools is the only software workshop in WA focused solely on developing applications for the benefit of small and medium sized businesses. And of course, local support means that you are never far from friendly help and assistance should you need it.

Whenever possible, we are very happy to share the experiences of our Customers in their usage of TekTools Business Apps. If you would like to chat with a TekTools user about how our Apps have transformed their business, please contact us and we'll certainly try and arrange it for you.


Give us a yell to find out how TekTools Business Apps can help you to improve your business.