Maintenance Management Plug-In

The TekTools Maintenance Management Plug-In is designed to be used by any business that provides maintenance services to Customers.

Effectively running a maintenance operation can be complex and time-consuming. From scheduling to billing and reporting to customers, there is a lot that can go wrong. Unfortunately, maintenance management software can be very expensive and complicated to use, meaning that many businesses rely on spreadsheets or paper based systems to get by.

TekTools has developed an affordable, flexible Job Management App plug-in to professionally support all aspects of maintenance operations, from checklists in the field to reporting and invoicing in the office.

Maintenance Management requires use of the TekTools Job Management App.

Like all TekTools Business Apps, full Maintenance Management Plug-in training and support is available locally in WA, including direct phone support, ensuring smooth installation and reliable on-going usage.

Create & Schedule Programmed Maintenance

Quickly build customised complex Maintenance Programs for advanced scheduling, tracking and reporting.

Create Ad-Hoc Maintenance Jobs

Routine site visits or evaluations can quickly be converted to structured Maintenance Jobs, complete with required checklists and PDF reporting.

Customisable Maintenance Types

Create customised Maintenance Types that can be used to attach relevant checklists and other maintenance details and to help quickly build detailed Maintenance Programs.

Setup and Manage Maintenance Equipment/Items

Create customised details of items to be maintained including location, item type and item details such as model numbers and serial numbers.

Add Maintenance Locations to Customers

Add mutli-tiered locations to Customers to enable the precise tracking of Maintenance Items.

Schedule Employees/Technicians to Maintenance Jobs

Schedule Employees/Technicians to Maintenance Jobs to ensure professional maintenance service.

Track and Review Maintenance Checklists

Create customised checklists that can be completed in the field to ensure that maintenance is always completed in accordance with specifications and/or required service levels.

Produce Maintenance Reports for Customers

Maintenance checklists are converted to customised Maintenance Reports for presentation as PDF's to Customers.

Store and Access Maintenance History

Easily track historical maintenance actvity by Customer, Location, Maintenance Item or even individual maintenance activity.

We believe our Maintenance Management App will improve the efficiency of any maintenance service business. Call or email us today to find out how.