Forms & Checklists

Easily Convert Paper-based Forms into Web-based Forms

TekTools Forms & Checklist functionality has been designed to effectively deal with the increasing volume of forms finding their way into even the smallest of business operations. It has also been designed to enable web-based forms to be used in business processes where they could add significant value such as post-installation commissioning and warranty and OHS compliance.

Mobile Checklists for On-Site Completion

Form completion can often be effectively dealt with using a checklist. Especially when such a checklist can be completed using a smartphone or tablet on-site. This approach reduces the double entry of form details, increases accuracy and eliminates delays and bottlenecks in form processing.

Being able to convert a form to a PDF with a single click and then access the PDF and/or form details at any time from any web-device can result in further significant time savings, not to mention improved service to Customers.

A web-based form can be added to the TekTools Job Management App for as little as $500, including mobile checklist and form design.

Like all TekTools Business Apps, full Forms & Checklist Plug-in training and support is available locally in WA, including direct phone support, ensuring smooth installation and reliable on-going usage.

Flexible Form Design

Forms and checklists can be created to exactly match any printed format or layout - any compliance or warranty form can be replicated on-line for easy completion, processing and reporting.

Mobile Checklist Completion

If required, forms can be completed as a checklist using any mobile device browser, with customisable validation to ensure accuracy.

Signature Capture

Checklists/forms can be signed on-site by Customers or certified by your Technicians/Employees using any mobile device.

Automatic PDF Creation

Checklist Forms can be reviewed and updated in their final format before being converted to a PDF with a single click. PDF's can be emailed separately or attached to invoices as required.

Form Reporting

Forms are stored with the Job to which they relate, but can also be conveniently searched for and retrieved from any web-device as required.

Link Forms to Job Types

Forms & checklists can be automatically added to Jobs based on Job type. Jobs can have as many forms and checklists attached as required.

Some key benefits in using the TekTools Forms & Checklists include:

Massive Time Savings

One of the many problems associated with using paper or Microsoft Word based forms is the time taken to complete and process them. Often information is double handled - collected and written down on-site, then entered or re-written in the office. Not only can this lead to mistakes, but the time wasted can be massive over a period of time. Storage and retrieval can also be an issue. Not so with TekTools Web-based Forms & Checklists.

Improved Business Performance

Many forms are required simply for compliance, whether Government based, Warranty based or whatever. TekTools Web-based Forms & Checklists enable you to not only deal efficiently with compliance forms, but also enable you to include processes that can improve the performance of your business - things like Job Completion checklists, Job Scoping checklists, Commissioning checklists and Maintenance checklists can drive business improvement.

Professional Edge

The ability to streamline your business with Web-based Forms & Checklists can add significantly to the professional image of any business. Having your Customers sign-off on Web-based Job Completion checklists in your App as soon as a job has been completed can make your business not only look professional, but also drive highly professional results and business imporvement right across your business.

We'd love to explain how web-based forms and checklists can be used to improve your business. Why not contact us today for more information!

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