Our aim is to keep our pricing at an affordable level for the services we provide. We also recognise that the requirements of every business are different when it comes to size of operations and required functionality. Accordingly we have developed a pricing structure that we believe is very affordable for smaller businesses and doesn't become excessively high as businesses get larger.

Choice of Subscription or License Pricing

We also understand that some businesses prefer to own the software that they use, and in doing so lock in a price of software as their business grows. This being the case, in addition to our standard monthly Subscription pricing, we also offer a once-off perpetual Software License price for our Apps. Such pricing varies dependent upon the number of users, Apps and/or Plug-Ins used, as well any customisation required.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Our satisfaction guarantee is such that you don't pay a cent until your completely happy that you're getting the results you're looking for.

Job Management App

$120 per month
  • Unlimited Office Users/Admin
  • 1 Field User
  • $20 per month for each Additional Field User*
  • $600 Basic Setup & Training
  • Customisation POA
  • *Discounts apply for 8+ Users
  • Free Phone Support
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Sales Management App

$140 per month
  • 1 User
  • $25 per month for each Additional User**
  • $1,200 Basic Setup & Training
  • Design Application Integration POA
  • Customisation POA
  • **Discounts apply for 8+ Users
  • Free Phone Support
  • Get More Info

Maintenance Management Plug-In

$80 per month
  • $20 per month for each Field User
  • Setup & Training POA
  • Customisation POA
  • Requires TekTools Job Management App
  • Free Phone Support
  • Get More Info

All pricing is exclusive of GST. All Subscription Fees are payable monthly in advance by Credit Card or Direct Debit.

We're happy to discuss a once-off Software License Fee if that is your preferred way to purchase software. All TekTools' Software Licenses attract a 15% Annual Maintenance & Support Fee, payable yearly in advance.

We're more than happy to discuss a pricing plan that suits your business, so please, give us a yell today!