Paperless Online SWMS

Full suite of compliant Plumbing & Electrical Trades SWMS Forms available to setup, complete and sign ONLINE. Fully Customisable templates to deal with any SWMS requirement.

WA Owned, Developed and Supported

TekTools provides a range of Business Apps that are easy to install, simple to use and can produce immediate business improvement that could seriously grow the profitability of your business. Importantly for WA business owners, all TekTools Apps are designed, developed and supported locally.

The TekTools Business App range includes:

Many Business Apps such as Job Management can be very expensive and take ages to install and even longer for your team to learn to use effectively. Often the complexity of an App itself gets in the way of the business improvement the App was supposed to deliver. Not so with TekTools...

Under normal circumstances, TekTools Apps can be installed and functional within hours, including full integration with and all versions of MYOB AccountRight and Xero. And you don't pay a cent until you're completely happy that you're getting the results you're looking for.

Job Management

In the office or on-site, TekTool's Job Management App has all aspects of the job management cycle covered, including seamless integration with all versions of MYOB AccountRight and Xero.

In any business, time is money and TekTools Job Management is all about reducing time wastage across the business and preventing the chance of important things falling through the cracks.

Less time re-working mistakes, less time chasing paper, and less time behind a computer in general can add up to improved productivity, a higher quality end result and bigger profits for any business.


Sales Management

For just about any kind of business, building and managing a sales pipeline is critical. Knowing precisely the status of sales opportunities can enable planning ahead of time to optimise business outcomes.

Winning new business starts with accurate job estimates and professionally prepared quotes. At TekTools, we know that this can be both difficult and time-consuming to get right.

TekTool's Sales Management App provides the tools to effectively manage the full sales cycle, including the ability to seamlessly push the jobs you win into Job Management.


Maintenance Management

Effectively running a maintenance operation can be complex and time-consuming. From scheduling to billing and reporting to customers, there is a lot that can go wrong.

Unfortunately, Maintenance Management software can be very expensive and complicated to use, meaning that many businesses rely on spreadsheets or paper based systems to get by.

TekTools has developed an affordable, flexible Job Management App plug-in to professionally support all aspects of maintenance operations, from checklists in the field to reporting and invoicing in the office.


We invite you to contact us to today to learn more about the TekTools Business App range and to discuss how they can be used to improve your business.